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Dogs of Milkdromeda

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With Earth uninhabitable, a crew of intrepid space-faring dogs embark on a perilous journey to find a new home, but as they traverse the vast expanse of the solar system, they realize they are not alone, and a mysterious entity is watching their every move.

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The Spacedogs have finally met their masters, but as they enter a wondrous world of plenty, the crew begins to fracture under the weight of ugly rumours.
Will the Spacedogs become mere lab rats in the hands of their supposed saviours? Or worse, sold off as toys to the highest bidder?
As they embark on an odyssey through an unfamiliar and treacherous universe, the valiant Veterok crew must fight to survive against all odds.

Some of them won't make it.

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Coming Soon... The Saga Continues

Dogs of Milkdromeda


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Dare to Enter...

 Unravelling Jack

A Descent into Madness

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A horror series like no other...

Plagued by anxiety, depression, and numerous addictions, Jack Briggs is a guy who's had more than his fair share of bad luck. And like so many before him, he's turned to the dark and twisted to make sense of it all. But how quickly things can get out of hand when you start poking around in the shadows…

In his latest literary endeavour, Jack weaves together a web of bone-chilling short stories that promise to grip readers tight and never let go, hoping to slay his demons and make some money on the side.

As he dives deeper into his own twisted investigations, however, Jack finds himself consumed by the very horrors he's writing about. Jack pulls no punches in his quest to unearth the truth, delving into the haunting tale of a young girl's descent into schizophrenia, the eerie account of a woman who physically deformed before her lover's eyes, and the sinister secrets lurking within his own family's past.

But it's when he starts toying with the Devil himself that things really start to go off the rails. As he delves deeper into the twisted world of a vengeful gangster and the Satanic pact he made, Jack finds himself crossing a line from which there may be no return.

The best part? By joining the mailing list, readers can influence the direction of the series by voting on what Jack investigates next. Will you choose a harrowing investigation into the haunting death of his great aunt, forcing Jack deeper into the abyss, or a life-affirming investigation into out-of-body experiences that may bring him closer to his estranged family? Join us on this macabre journey and be a part of something incredible – who knows how big this series could become in just a few years' time.

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Welcome to me, KiKitty: eighteen, usually high as a kite, certified nutcase. I'm off to meet my next victim, I mean, er, date. I’m evil, you see.
The last guy was marriage-material if you're into online gaming and nothing else (which I was, for a while). He’ll abandon me just like the rest sometime soon.

But this new guy, Jack… he's different. He'll soon be a published author. I want to be an author. Just decided.

So here I am, on the bus to the Jupiter Motel on the edge of Bolton. I'm wearing a skirt so short it might as well be a belt. As for my scary scarred arms? Ha! I’m wearing a cardigan. Don't want to frighten the poor guy off before our first kiss.

But if this doesn't work out, I'm done. I can't go back to being homeless, ferried by social services to some mould-infested bedsit, waiting for some guy to come to my rescue for the zillionth time.

Last chance, KiKitty. He better be special.

The Second Anthology Begins!

My Books
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About the author

Chris Pendlebury writes about the power of kindness.

The four novels that have most influenced him are Mr. Wroe's Virgins by Jane Rogers, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, 1984 by George Orwell, and Blindsight by Peter Watts.

He is especially interested in writing in ways that an AI cannot emulate. In The Feedback Loop, the fourth wall is briefly broken, and the reader becomes part of the story. In Unravelling Jack, the personal history of the protagonist entwines with those of his interview subjects.

Chris became an author so that his baby children and young niece and nephew, who all love books, can one day read his own words.

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